RJC Compliance

Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC)

Novell recognizes the need to establish and continually improve good business practices as set by Responsible Jewelry Council’s Compliance international standards on responsible practices for diamonds, colored gemstones, gold, silver and platinum group metals.  The Code of Practices encompasses, but is not limited to the areas of human rights, labor rights, environmental impact, mining practices, and product disclosure. Novell continues to engage in responsible business practices through annual training, due diligence, and cooperation with the various compliance members in the jewelry industry.   Novell is committed to adhering to the RJC’s Code of Practices as well as submitting to routine audits that are performed to ensure compliance.   For more information about the RJC please visit the following link:  http://www.responsiblejewellery.com/

Provenance and Grievance

Novell is an "eco-friendly" company and all our metals and diamonds are responsibly sourced.  At Novell we take recycling, environment concerns and natural resource sustainability very seriously and are always aiming to improve.  We have been committed to supply chain due diligence and make sure that our supply chain is free of any metal which were gathered for the support or benefit of armed conflict groups, terrorist groups or anyone involved in serious human rights abuse.  Novell strongly condemns and refuses any material and diamonds that are sourced, that violates human rights and are committed to perform due-diligence protocol in accordance with Responsible Jewelry Council and be audited by them every term. 

Novell makes every attempt to ensure that our customers are treated with consideration and that their concerns are recognized in a timely manner.  Our goal is always to create a clear process of any concerns and to improve on constructive criticism.  It is the right of any of our stakeholders/business partners to raise concerns about our processes on any provenance claims and file a grievance.  Please email any concern to NCC@novelldesignstudio.com for review, assessment and response.  Please include all relevant documents or any questions or concerns.   All the communications will be directly submitted to our compliance officers for further investigation and review.